I come from the perspective that we are whole and complete as we are.  The cause of our suffering is not some fundamental flaw in ourselves or even the difficult emotions or situations that arise but rather the fact that we have not learned how to welcome them as they are.  Refusing “what is” creates conflict, causing us to feel tension and stress in our bodies and minds. As a form of self-protection we have been conditioned to repress what we can’t face, causing us to cut ourselves off from feeling and all that we need to live an authentic life.

My intention is to help you to connect to this understanding experientially, by bridging the gap between what your mind is thinking and what your body is feeling.  This inquiry leads to an increased capacity to tolerate whatever is arising, without trying to fix it.  Rather than being swept away by our emotions, we learn how to better and more appropriately respond to them.

With a sharp curiosity and a willingness to meet and welcome emotions and experiences as they are, we begin to build a greater intimacy with ourselves and move towards a life of greater ease and authenticity.

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Our healing relies not on avoiding or turning away from our pain but by allowing it to be there, as it is, and facing it head on.  I saw this quote today by Pema Chodron and it seems to capture precisely what somatic therapy can help us with.  As we learn to tolerate our pain, we can begin to face it, look at it, understand it, and ultimately move through it and soon we can find ourselves on the other side of it.   May these words act as a gentle reminder to us all and help us to face ourselves with love, tenderness, and patience and assist us in opening to all that we are.

“Instead of asking ourselves, How can I find security and happiness? we could ask ourselves, “Can I touch the center of my pain? Can I sit with suffering, both yours and mine, without trying to make it go away? Can I stay present to the ache of loss or disgrace—disappointment in all its many forms—and let it open me?”
This is the trick.”
Pema Chodron

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