I want to share a lovely poem that was written by one of my dear clients after we had been working together for about 8 months.  It is a beautiful articulation of the freedom we can feel once we connect to ourselves and drop into our bodies and, in my clients words, ..”get acquainted with all of the deep, unexplored places.”

Here it is….

Freedom like emerging from a dark cage

Years of captivity

Into the bright sunshine and fresh air.

Sudden tingle up the back of the neck


Urge to bolt, rabbit run back toward the dark underground


Essence left behind in blind panic


How can this be called freedom?

Is this safety?

Emerge again from the cramped spaces

Unfold, claim the light.

Freedom the ground below

Freedom a banner

Unfurls overhead.

Drink the clear sunlight

Breathe the bright water

Prisms’ incandescence

Joins freedom upwelling

From deep unexplored places.

Walk into the waves


As ocean currents

Meet the rising tide of freedom

Brave dive deep into

Known and unknown.

Rooted and flowing

Upright and released

Calm and strong


I asked her to explain to me what feeling this freedom has given to her moment to moment.  And she responded by saying…”When I feel this in the world, I’m stronger able to take the currents of life as they hit me.  Standing up.”