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Sessions can be weekly, twice per month, or as a three-month immersion.

What to expect

1:1 Somatic Psychotherapy:

In our sessions, I meet you where you are. I listen for the core issues, and track your body and breath, gathering information about your psyche, your emotions, and your nervous system’s response to stress.

We cannot heal what we don’t acknowledge. So one of my main tasks is helping you turn toward those harder, more stuck, more reactive places inside of you by helping you to hold your attention there long enough to uncover what needs attention. It is from this informed place that you can begin to move toward the next necessary steps toward total health.

I use a combination of somatic interventions, meditative inquiries, and dyad work to support your process. Drawing from my skills in western psychology, somatic intervention, and yoga therapy I will help you gain a thorough, integrated, and well-informed understanding of who you are at your most authentic and what you most need to thrive.

Somatic psychotherapy sessions typically meet on a weekly basis for one hour. As every client is different some people may have different needs and in this case we will work together to determine the best schedule for you.

Sadhana: A 3 Month Mentorship

The format of the Sadhana mentorship program allows for a deep dive into your self and your psyche. The structure of the program leaves a lot of room for the development of our healing relationship, which is most necessary for personal growth. The more trusting our alliance is, the deeper the inquiry can go. It differs from weekly sessions in the sense that we are not solely placing focus on your presenting issue but also looking at your whole life and how you can shift and grow so your lifestyle becomes the supportive foundation from where you can continue to thrive.

At the end of three months, you will have gained..

  • a more holistic understanding of integrative health practices and how to apply them to your daily life.
  • a clear vision for what you want to create for yourself and a practical path forward to keep you reaching your goals.
  • a personal home practice as well as your own toolbox containing the practices and techniques you need to keep yourself accountable.

My intention is to create the sacred “tenemos”, or the therapeutic holding container where your personal healing journey can unfold. Through sincere practice and passionate discipline, you will learn to prioritize your time and redirect your energy so your life becomes a more authentic expression of You.

Together we will work to find the best schedule for your three month mentorship. Please contact me for more information and to set up an initial consultation.