Yoga Nidra MeditationYoga nidra, or “yogic sleep”, puts us into the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. During practice the body is completely and totally relaxed, and with proper guidance, we become increasingly more aware of our inner world.

Many of us move through life with stress, emotional burden and dissatisfaction. We become overly identified with our painful experiences and lose touch with the source of well-being that is always present within us. Yoga nidra offers tools to live life more connected to this source, by helping us step back from whatever overwhelms us.  This gives some space, allowing us to become more of a witness to what’s happening.

The intention of the practice is to deconstruct the layers of identification that we all take ourselves to be.  These identifications are the physical body of sensation, the more subtle body of emotion, the even subtler body of memories and image, the body of joy, and the body of ego identity. By exploring these layers of identification we are able to get out of the way of our conditioning and connect back to who and what we truly are, without burden.

Yoga nidra creates space for us to experience a shift in perspective, and we learn that even in the midst of constant change, there is a part of us that remains undisturbed and at peace. Life’s challenges become more manageable, and we have greater access to joy and spontaneity. Yoga nidra teaches us that we are whole and complete and that ease and peace are always present; our task is to access them.