Yoga TherapyYoga Therapy draws upon the tradition of yoga and mindfulness practices to help you optimally work with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. It aims to holistically treat various types of both somatic and psychological issues ranging from back pain to emotional distress by viewing the whole person as an integrated body-mind system, which, when brought into balance, can function optimally.

It is an individually tailored practice that helps to reveal and unwind the habitual patterns of body and mind that are no longer serving you and provides experiential insight into new, better ways that are most supportive on all levels.  It is quite effective for people suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, anxiety and grief. It is also a simple way to help provide structure and discipline in your life. Whether you are in physical pain or emotional discomfort we can create a practice to provide you with symptom relief and overall healing.